Computer Education – On The Move

21st November 2014 (Friday) was the day on which 3 sets of desktop computers were successfully installed in the computer lab. Accompanied by 2 old desktop computers at Shree Minnath Adarsha Shikya Sadan Lower Secondary School, the mini lab now have 5 fully operational desktop computers to be used for educational purpose by the students. 52 students from grade 6 to 8 will now have computer education with practical knowledge of information technology through first hand experience.

The Newly Setup Computer Lab at Shree Minnath Adarsha Shikya Sadan LSS.

The Newly Setup Computer Lab at Shree Minnath Adarsha Shikya Sadan LSS.

As a part of Support A Child Campaign, the computers were handed over to the school through organizing a function inviting members from school management committee, teachers, students and local guardians. The guest and attendees along with the teachers and school management committee thanked ECCA and all the supporters of this program for running this campaign and also expressed their hope for its continuity in coming days ahead.

“We are really excited to have new computers in our school. This will help us know more about the world, English education and makes us competitive. Now we hope that we will get to learn computers in a better way than before” – shares a student of grade – 7. “In addition, this will certainly improve our compulsion of sharing one computer by five to eight students like earlier days, which was a real obstacle for our proper computer learning class”.

Miss Nanu – computer teacher expressed “I believe necessity of better infrastructure of computers is solved towards the smooth operation of computer classes and will help students to pursue better computer education which was otherwise very difficult with only two well-conditioned computers in school”. She further adds the necessity of well-trained computer trainer in the future for the school as she admits the growing interest and the skills of the students towards computer education in a very dramatic way compared to the past.

Trying to learn Typing

Trying to learn Typing

The activities and the interests shown by the students are always reported to be remarkable indeed, as also shared by Miss Anna, an international volunteer, with her experience of teaching English language to the same students in the past days. She had also been very happy to see the everlasting hope and enthusiasm in the eyes and deeds of these students’ through which everybody gains the feeling that these students need eternal support. This gives us a chance to recognize that the children, within their learning period are most of the time, which simply have not had the right supporters around them-because of circumstances beyond their control. For this, this campaign of ‘Support a Child-Help Child go to school and study’ run by ECCA has given them a milestone support and love to these learning students.

We would like to acknowledge all our donors through Global Giving and supporters for helping us in our initiation to bring some changes in the future of children in Nepal. Glimpses of the program activities could be viewed in the album placed in Facebook. Do subscribe our blog post, facebook page and twitter to get yourself updated in our activities. We look forward towards your support in our campaign Support A child.

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