Mega Cleanup Campaign – One School One Heritage Campaign

It is always a start that needs the great effort.

This was the very first step led by The Generation Green (TGG) members to conserve the heritages which has been under shade via conducting cleanliness program under “One school one heritage” Program. On 22 November, 2014, Saturday, starting from Pulchowk to Gwarkho massive cleanliness program were held at heritage sites which included pulchowk stupa, purnachandi mandir, sundhara, saugal hiti and Tyagal hiti. This program consisted of about 250 participants who included students of Prabhat H.S.S, Shramjit Kishor S.S, Yashodhara Bouddha S.S, Bal Binod S.S, and Tri-Padma H.S.S, members of the Tole Sudhar Samitee, and TGG members along with the ECCA Staffs’.

Play Card

Slogan prepared to present during heritage walk.


Considering present scenario of the deteriorating heritage sites, the main motto of this program was to clean the heritage sites and restore its beauty by the active participation of school children, make the community member realize their role in conservation of their heritages and gain the sustainability in the long run for conservation.

Purna Chandi Temple

Local participating in Cleanup Campaign at Purna Chandi Temple.


Early in the morning at 6:30 am, Patan Durbar Square was covered with energetic participants for clean up where they collected the equipment such as mask, gloves and brush needed for the clean-up program.  We acknowledge the support of Environment Section – Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City for supporting the clean up program through providing adequate cleanup materials like brooms and dustbins.

students leg by TGG member

Students of Bal Binod S.S with TGG member

All the participating school were led by a responsible TGG member to their respective heritage site for clean-up program. The groups got additional support on cleanup equipments and help from the members of local Tole Sudhar Samitee during the cleanliness program in their respective sites. Local contribution added more energy to the participants for clean up as they were assisted by provisions of dustpans, sacks and water for drinking. Many people were impressed by the work which was shown by their curiosity and active participation in this clean-up program.  They even provided water, tea, snacks which were very wise act as these were not expected from the community. The chattering of the students added more fun in the scorching sun. Despite of late start, students did their task efficiently, leaving no more garbage behind.  Due to many helpful hands, cleanup program ended very successfully in five different heritage sites. Considering the personal hygiene of participants, they were provided with water and soap for their cleanliness.

During clean up program

Students of Shramjit Kishor S.S at Sundhara during clean up program

By the active participation of five schools, the event became successful but this is just only the beginning. ECCA’s mission will be completed when the people realize their roles and responsibilities towards the preservation of the cultural heritages. Hope this start can bring a positive change in people’s perception about conservation of our heritages and the efforts made by the students and TGG members will be valued in long run.

Before and after: Sundhara

Before and after: Sundhara

“A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational and economic legacies- all of the things that quite literally make us who we are” – Steve Berry.

Some Glimpses on the activities performed during the event.


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