Things To-Do To Conserve Water Sources – Water Walk

Stone spouts or dhunge dhara are a common place for people to collect water from. But only after a heavy downpour can we see the ‘dhunge dhara’ with running water. During the medieval era, these stone spouts had a glorious time solving the water problem of Kathmandu and leaving the residents at ease. With time, the heavy urbanization of Kathmandu has changed the scenario, while leaving the stone spouts in a sorry condition.

The 'dhunge dhara' in a sorry state.

The ‘dhunge dhara’ in a sorry state.

With the realization that the stone spouts have the ability to aid the water scarcity of the Kathmanduites even now, ECCA organized a Water Walk program on September 26, 2014. The walk from Mangalbazar to Lagankhel started from 9 am and involved students and teachers from various school. The main objective of the event was to raise awareness about the historical, cultural and environmental importance of these spouts in today’s context.

Expert Mr. Sidhi Bajracharya shedding light on the historical importance of the stone spouts to students at Bagalamukhi Temple.

Expert Mr. Sidhi Bajracharya shedding light on the historical importance of the stone spouts to students at Bagalamukhi Temple.



At Nagbahal.


At Pimbahal.


At the pond at Pimbahal.

Students were divided into two groups, led by Mr. Sidhi Bajracharya and Mr. Niroj Maharjan, and were taken from Mangalbazar to Lagankhel from two different routes, tracing the sites with stone spouts and ponds. Mr. Bajracharya and Mr. Maharjan have previously led teams for a detailed historical and cultural acquaintance to such sites. It was an informative walk, appreciated and fuelled by the enthusiasm of the students. The activities also piqued the interest of the locals. After the walk concluded, the team gathered near a stone spout in Lagankhel. A cleanup program followed, where the participants attempted to restore the glory of the old dhunge dhara. The students joined a call to conserve and preserve the water and water sources like stone spouts.


Students during the signup.


The students cleaning the stone spout at Lagankhel.


A boy does his part by taking off the grass.

This is one of the initiatives of ECCA to preserve our cultural heritages, which also have the power to influence our lives. Previously, ECCA engaged the school students for a ‘Heritage Walk’ in April, where the students were acquainted with the Bagmati Civilization.

Before cleaning.

Before cleaning.


After cleaning.

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