“Youth are the Present”

The Generation Green (TGG) Campaign

The Earth is unique in the Solar System as the only planet which is able to support life in all its forms: from basic living micro-organisms to highly sophisticated and intelligent human beings. The increasing movement of these intelligent human beings towards modernization is using up many of the resources available on planet Earth. The rise in population and rapid industrial development is vastly depleting our supply of these resources and impacting negatively on the environment. It is therefore the duty of every citizen and human being to carry out their daily activities in a way that does not add to the degradation of the environment. Every citizen should be responsible for initiating conservation efforts to make this planet a healthy and safe place for all living beings.


At the launch of The Generation Green Campaign.

Realizing the power of youth as the leaders of change in today’s world, The Generation Green (TGG) Campaign has been launched by WWF Nepal, targeting the youth of Nepal to work together on projects focused on conservation, awareness and engagement. With above 50% of Nepal’s current population below 26 years old, according to population census, our country has huge potential as a growing nation in the years ahead. We believe that youth have the power to lead change, and their efforts can bring about drastic change in our society. If they are influenced in the wrong direction, they have the power to distort the development of whole nation, but, if mobilized in the right direction, development can become synonymous with progress.


Ongoing TGG recruitment on World Environment Day, June 5.

In close coordination with partner organizations including ECCA, YAE, NTNC, SENSE-Nepal and Green Youth of Lumbini, TGG Campaign is expecting to bring 500,000 environmentally conscious youths together to work on campaigns and projects relating to conservation and sustainable development. This campaign also provides an opportunity for the youths to collaborate with experts from various fields as part of a mentorship program, where they can generate and share their ideas about different green projects, green business, arts and entertainment etc, and increase their skills and abilities to work towards conserving our environment and nature.


Students signing up for TGG campaign at St. Xavier’s School in Jawalakhel during the 4th National On The Spot Essay Competition on June 14.

 Bringing Nepali youth together as part of a wider project, and improving the state of our environment through their combined effort, are the main objectives of this campaign. Through this campaign, we expect to bring a smile to the face of our Mother Earth and make our planet a healthier place for us to live.

 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;

Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

–          Margaret Mead

TGG orientation program at St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel.

TGG orientation program at St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel.


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