Volunteer Experience of ECCA’s Three Day Interaction Session at Dalchowki


ECCA volunteer Sneha Bajracharya

ECCA volunteers have been hard at work recently, assisting our many programs and campaigns. Volunteer Sneha Bajracharya recently took part in a three day training program for nature club students in Dalchowki, southern Lalitpur. Here she shares with us her experience:

“I found the overall program to be really interesting and beneficial to me on a personal and professional level. The most important part for me was learning about the present situation of the educational system in Nepal and the challenges faced in different government-funded schools. Students and teachers brought along proposals for their plans to improve their school environment which gave a really valuable insight into the problems they face and their motivation to overcome them.


Sneha leading the session

I facilitated a session on waste management and I think the students grasped the concept well. The students were genuinely interested, easy to be with, and working with them really helped me visualize myself working as a responsible resources person in the future.


Sneha and Bipin assisting the students

Every time I get an opportunity to go on a field visit outside the Kathmandu valley, it gives me a chance to overcome my fear of public speaking, which probably is the biggest challenge for me. The more I get to interact with students from different backgrounds, the more I get to know about various cultures, languages spoken, and find out about aspects of Nepal and Nepalese that I had not been aware of.

Sneha (center) with the students

Sneha (center) with the students

Becoming familiar with rural settings and being an ambassador for rural change have been the main focuses of my studies and ECCA Nepal has provided me with a great deal of opportunities to put what I have learnt into practice. The program was a meaningful, as well as fun, experience for me.

Would you like to learn more about our programs and become involved in ECCA’s work as a volunteer? If you have a genuine interest and are motivated to help us, we would love to hear from you.


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