Interaction and Evaluation: Three Days in Dalchowki

A three day interaction program was held in Dalchowki, southern Lalitpur, to train the new student members of nature clubs in the formation, functions, roles, responsibilities and sustainability of the clubs. The program was conducted by ECCA from June 27 to 29 at the community building center in Dalchowki.

The program provided a platform for 20 students and 10 teachers from 10 different schools to put forward their ideas, queries and suggestions regarding the nature clubs. As the nature clubs from the different schools have been working to encourage the students to contribute to their school and its environment in every sense, the program aimed to train the participants on the most effective means of doing that. The new members got a chance to learn the workings of the nature club so that they would later be responsible for putting together ideas and programs that would benefit them. Thus, the program put together lessons to help the new members achieve this in the coming future.

Along with the training and information given about nature clubs, the members also discussed the presentations and programs conducted over the past year. The members also created a plan that will be carried out in the coming year. The interaction between the ten schools provided an opportunity for the students to build a valuable network.

Interactive sessions like life skills games, group reporting, evaluation and other entertaining games helped focus the participants both as a group and on an individual level.

The announcement of the Best Nature Club of the year was also made during the program. This is an annual award presented by ECCA that recognizes the highest achieving nature clubs, using a meticulous evaluation process. Shree Bidhyadeshowri Higher Secondary School claimed this year’s title, with their plans to carry out even more activities in the future.

ECCA’s objective is to support students in their skill development and to provide them with knowledge so that they can lead a bright future ahead. The three day interaction program was a successful step towards reaching that objective.


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