Recalling that Saturday: Experiences of a Volunteer

At ECCA, the success of our campaigns and programs is much down to the hard work of our fantastic volunteers. We work as a Professional Volunteer Organisation, providing new experiences and opportunities to students and interested youth, who in turn bring their energy and creative ideas to our work.

Aasish Karna joined ECCA as a volunteer 3 months ago. After volunteering in the 3rd National Children’s Club Conference that took place in April, he worked as an invigilator for the 4th National On The Spot Essay Competition on June 14. He shares his experience of the day:


“It was a great day and full of new experiences. It was my first time volunteering in an essay competition. I got a chance to learn new things regarding program management. The most memorable part of the day was invigilating the participants. I had not worked as an invigilator in any competitions or exams before. I was little bit nervous at first, but later the environment turned friendly and I enjoyed being there. I’ve been learning many things and gaining new experiences.”


If you are interested in becoming part of our team of volunteers, we would love to hear from you.


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