Kitini School: Working to Improve the School Environment

Students at Kitini Higher Secondary School in Taukhel, Lalitpur, have been hard at work since winning one of the six Knowledge Marketplace awards at ECCA’s 3rd National Conference of Children’s Clubs. The school’s nature club, which was established through the support of ECCA, had proposed to improve their school environment by planting flowers and trees, painting the walls of the school and carrying out programs to raise awareness of the importance of safe drinking water.

A photo to celebrate the hard work.

Rabindra Tamang and Sanju KC (centre) accept their award from the Knowledge Marketplace with ECCA Chairman Mr. Prachet K. Shrestha (right) and ECCA Director Mr. Yogendra Chitrakar (left)

In the school grounds, changes have already started to show, with freshly painted walls brightening the school and potted plants lining the courtyard. These changes have made a big difference to the atmosphere of the school, making it a more welcoming place for students to learn.

Students have painted the walls and planted flowers to brighten the school

Students have painted the walls and planted flowers to brighten the school


Teachers have worked with the nature club students to make the school a greener place









Rabindra Tamang, 15, is the former president of the nature club. He has been actively involved bringing about the changes which have been taking place since the school was awarded funding. Rabindra takes a great deal of pride in the latest improvements in the school. “This school is number one in Lalitpur for cleanliness”, he says. “Every Friday after classes, we clean the school. We have a rota- one week Grade 10 clean the school, the next week Grade 9, and so on.” The school is now planning to make it easier for the students to keep the school clean and tidy, by using money from the award to buy twelve dustbins as well as gloves and masks to protect the students who are cleaning.


Rabindra Tamang with his teacher

The school also plans to deliver an awareness program in other schools, to increase students’ understanding of products such as WATASOL which can be used to purify water in order to make it safe to drink. In Kitini nature club, students have been producing WATASOL and are keen to share their knowledge. The nature club also hopes to inform students in other schools about the importance of protecting the forests and saving water. Rabindra believes this is also a vital way of reaching out to the wider community. “The students can also share the knowledge with their parents and with the local community,” he explains.


Students from Kitini nature club are keen to raise awareness of safe drinking water practices

Additionally, the nature club hopes to plant trees in an area near the school, in the hope of raising money in future to support the running of classes by selling the wood produced. Rabindra hopes this will be a way of making the funding go further to help the school in future years.

The nature club hopes to complete the school environment improvement program by September this year, before the students begin their exams. To help ECCA support students in schools such as Kitini School to complete their education, please donate to our Support a Child campaign on Global Giving USA and Global Giving UK.


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