Shree Bagh Bhairab School and the Wall

Imagine losing your football when you’re in the middle of an intense game. Or your basketball flies high and so high, that there is no way of retrieving it in the less than 30 minutes lunch break. Or that when you’re playing a friendly match with your school mates, some rude people come and intrude, causing disturbance and ruin your recess.

For students studying in a school with proper building, fences, playground and other infrastructures, the abovementioned situations could sound foreign. But for students at Shree Bagh Bhairab Higher Secondary School located at Kaleshwor-7 in a remote hilly VDC in Lalitpur, it had been a real problem. The school administration struggled to control the unnecessary entries within the school ground and maintain the peace and quiet of the school ambience, along with contributing in the physical and mental development of the students.

The concerned stakeholders consisting of school administration, school management committee, teacher, students and parents along with District Education Office and other donor organizations formed a committee to construct a gate and fence around the school area. The committee was designated to look into the overall workings of the plan for a successful outcome.

375 students, 23 teachers and school staff are to be directly benefited by this plan whereas the parents and the guardians would be indirectly benefited.

ECCA and Wilkins Memorial Trust (WMT), UK,  contributed Rs. 25,000, ensuring some financial relief to the committee and their noble gesture. WMT has been supporting various projects in the region for many years.

The school has been continuing the construction work and will be doing so for the upcoming days until the students can play freely with no fear of losing their balls in the short recess.

20140605-0002 20140605-0003 20140605-0005 20140605-0006

Wall under construction.

Wall under construction.



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