World Environment Day Celebrations

To commemorate World Environment Day on June 5th, ECCA held a photo exhibition and stalls in Patan Durbar Square. The photo exhibition showed changes in the Bagmati river area over time, with information about the negative impacts of pollution in this religiously important place. Older generations visiting the exhibition were reminded of the past when the Bagmati river was clean enough to drink from and swim in. These photos drew attention to the importance of taking action now to clean up and preserve the river so it may be a better place for future generations.


The Bagmati photo exhibition



The exhibition brought together different generations

There were also stalls to give information about ECCA’s current programs, including The Generation Green (TGG) campaign in alliance with WWF Nepal, and ECCA’s National On the Spot Essay competition, which will be held on June 14th at St. Xavier’s College in Lalitpur. Additionally, stalls were set up to give information about environmental solutions endorsed by ECCA, including WATASOL chlorinator and environmental cooking stoves. These products were also available to purchase at the stalls.




Visitors at ECCA’s information stall

The exhibition and stalls were a great success, bringing together different generations to celebrate World Environment Day and to promote the importance of conserving the environment.


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