Envirofit Stoves Grace Lele Households

Lele, almost an hour’s ride away from Kathmandu, is a peaceful village with people that are laid back and adjusting to the development happening all over the country. In their quest of living their daily lives successfully, however, they struggle with using firewood for daily cooking. Traditional cook stoves are fueled by wood, endangering the forest in the long term.

To help find an alternative to this problem, ECCA in partnership with Himalayan Stove Foundation distributed 30 Envirofit Stoves on May 14, Wednesday. Each family contributed Rs. 1,000 to the local Forest User Group who will use it for the betterment of the community in return for the stoves.

Aba Ram Karki, one of the locals who had been using the stove for two months shared his experience. “I found it to be very efficient. It takes only a third of the firewood we had been previously using, I’ve learnt that it puts less strain on the environment,” he said, eager to let the other locals know how they would benefit from it. “It takes less time to cook, giving me plenty of time to do other works. The smoke is given an easy getaway, and it is portable,” he added, remarking on the stoves’ benefits.

ECCA has been organizing various environment related program in 10 VDCs around Lele, in the southern part of Lalitpur district in the outskirts of Kathmandu valley. This initiative was taken to encourage the locals in preserving the greenery and become environmentally aware. This is just a step in the process of educating the locals and making them implement green plans for the sake of the environment.


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