Expectations from the participants (3rd National Children clubs conference)

Bimala Tamang, 14, and Dhiroj Khadka, 13 are representing their school Lalit Kalyan Kendra Lower Secondary’s nature club in the upcoming 3rd National Children’s club conference. As they are participating in the national children’s club conference for the first time, they are excited and curious about what they would be learning.

Dhiroj, with an exultant face, is expecting to learn a lot of things there. He is especially interested in learning more about proper waste disposal, planting saplings, keeping the environment clean and also looking forward to play various environment related games promised in the conference. He has been involved with their school’s nature club from grade 4. It is compulsory for all the students to be a part of the club and the program is supported by ECCA Nepal, to ensure the students’ role in the conservation of the environment, which is also the goal of the conference.

Dhiroj wants to impress his teachers into praising him for participating in the club. Shy, but determined, he commits to share with his parents and friends whatever he learned in the conference.

Bimala, resonates Dhiroj’s expectations, adding that the different activities taught in the conference could help her in various things relating to environment and her daily life. She is especially happy that being a part of such conference would help enrich her knowledge about the environment. She doesn’t think that she knows a lot about the working of such clubs yet, but says that that’s the reason why she is eager for the conference. “I want to learn more. I want to learn about the water purification process in the conference so that I can share the knowledge with my peers and family,” she says.

April 4, 2014


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