Training on Wall Magazine Preparation

Training on Wall Magazine Preparation

Mirge, Dolkha. When it comes to skill development and exposure of students in different topics, the activities organized by Nature club established in school plays a vital. Student expresses their feelings and understandings in different issues through organizing different events and activities from nature club in their school and communal peripherals. The activities organized will also help students towards developing different skills required in their day to day life. Hence, in order to motivate the students for continuity towards organizing different events and activities in their schools, frequent monitoring, follow-up and mentoring to the students needs to be done.

As a continual support for the nature club members and to enhance their skills, two days Wall Magazine Preparation Training was organized on 20th and 21st February 2014 at Majhgau Lower Secondary School, Mirge. A total of 45 participants from 4 different schools of Mirge VDC were provided with an in-depth knowledge regarding the preparation of Wall Magazine. All students from each school worked as a team during the training towards preparing a set of wall magazine. By the end of the training program, students exhibited the wall magazine they had prepared during the training program.

After the training program, 3 sets of Jar dispensaries along with water bottle were also distributed to each participating schools. Access to safe drinking water to all the students was the main theme towards the distribution of jars.

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