Conference News

3rd National Children’s Club Conference is taking place from April 11 to 13, 2014. ECCA Nepal is the organizer. The conference is being organized after 5 years. The first conference was conducted in 2000, whereas the second in 2009. The objectives of the conference is to provide a common platform for the children club to share their knowledge and experience to ensure the sustainability of the clubs through self sufficiency. It also hopes to integrate children’s participation in community development by educating them on various environmental and social issues.

A press meet was organized on March 20 on Thursday to brief the media about the three day conference. The meet took place on the premises of ECCA Nepal in Wise Use House in Jwagal in Kupondole. Yogendra Chitrakar, a member of executive committee and director of ECCA Nepal, interacted with the media personals about it.

He informed that the conference will increase the creativity of the children regarding environment conservation, so that they would be able to initiate something on their own.

The three-day conference will be filled with informative and engaging activities for the children with their ideas and enthusiasm to do something worthwhile for the environment. The children will be coming from all over the country. Mr. Chitrakar said that the organizer hopes that this platform would be useful for the children to discuss the problems they face regarding the operation of children’s club. He added that the discussions would also be about directing the children in their all-round development. The conference will include Children Club’s Paper Presentation, Thematic Session by Expert, Knowledge Market Place, Exhibition, Competitions, Cultural program, etc.

The conference will take place in Laboratory Higher Secondary School in Kirtipur. Participation of around 150-200 students, excluding observers from different NGOs, I/NGOs and schools along with organizers and volunteers are expected in the meet.

More information about the conference and the organizer will be updated from time to time.

For participation, please contact the ECCA Office, Phone 5553870, by March 31, 2014.


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